Discipleship Tools

Tools that can be used in a one-on-one or group setting to help girls grow deeper in their relationship with God



The HALO method is a simple way to approach God's Word that leads to transformation. Using this method will help you and the girls in your life know God better, become more like Jesus, and follow Him more faithfully. this method can be used for personal bible reading and also used a method for having meaningful conversation around scripture.

how it works:
- grab your bible, favorite journal, & pen
- select a section of scripture to read.
- keep it simple, 1-10 verses.
- consider working through a book of the bible over time.  
- work through the halo acronym jotting down notes in your journal
- reflect on your notes weekly or share them in a group setting

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A simple way FOR GIRLS to have a weekly conversation AT THE SCHOOL LUNCH TABLE with THIEr friends to celebrate wins, process the hard stuff & grow stronger together. 

 environments today make it harder and harder to follow faithfully after jesus. we need people in our corner who remind us why we are here, who we are, and what we were made to do. girls are already gathering around the lunch table. this is a tool to help them grow stronger there. 

Identity group : a group of trusted friends that remind one another of who they are (because we forget sometimes)

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