​​​Below you will find a list of all of the tools we offer including our brave conversation series, b1 studies, worship playlists and more!

Leader guides and conversation cards that help you create an engaging space for girls to talk about life and faith.  Click below to access different conversation topics!

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Brave Conversations

Each brave conversation topic has a bible study that pairs with it. These are for when you're ready to go deeper and dig into God's Word on a particular topic series. 

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 B1 Bible Studies

These tools don't pair with a specific conversation series but are designed for you to share with the girls in your life to help them follow Jesus more faithfully.

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Discipleship Tools

We know investing in the next generation takes courage, so we launched a podcast to encourage you! Every brave conversation topic has a corresponding podcast series!

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Events are a simple way to gather girls and women of all ages around tables of meaningful conversation to talk about life and faith. Click below to learn more about hosting or attending an event!

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Brave Table Events

Each brave conversation series we launch a corresponding worship playlist filled with songs meant to drive home spiritual truths. You can find them on Spotify. Click below to access them now!

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Worship Playlists

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