Simple studies for women and teens that help them go deep into God's Word together, so that they can know God better, become more like Jesus, and live more courageously.  

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Just before Jesus left the earth, he sent His people towards people! Like the early disciples, the roads we travel are meant to lead us to others. Is it any wonder that loneliness and sadness are causing our hearts to ache? It isn’t supposed to be this way. The girls in our life (and us!) are craving what we were made for - connection and deep community! A life with Jesus involves slowing down to recognize the places where our lives intersect with others! In this B1 study, we;re following the life of Paul the Apostle through 4 monumental moments that led him down a road of deep community with others. At each stop, Paul found a relationship he needed. These are relationships we need too! Let’s dive in to discover more!


Our Past Studies:

Make Room

Time is precious. Think about it: we’ve all been given the same 24 hours each day. However, you spend your time differently than anyone else. It’s part of what makes you you. Who you are right now is largely a result of how you’ve spent each 24-hour day of your life. Who have you spent it with? What have you been doing? Looking at how we spend our time is like looking deep within our hearts at what we really love and desire. This is why Jesus wants more than just your time; Jesus wants your heart. He longs to be a priority in your 24-hour day. Being with you is why He left his throne in heaven, came to earth, and sacrificed his sinless life on the cross.  He’s knocking on the door of our hearts. Will you open the door? We have a passage to study that will show us what that means and what it looks like to let Jesus into our hearts and lives MORE fully.


Who is God 

Picture one of the oldest weapons for fighting and hunting: The bow and arrow. Now, before you think of a prehistoric caveman aiming at his lunch, picture yourself drawing an arrow from your very own quiver and lifting up a bow towards a target. Imagine what it would be like to carry it with you always and your targets were difficult circumstances in your life. What if this quiver of arrows came with a precise way to use them to fight confidently and courageously against obstacles? What if. While we don't have a bow and quiver full of arrows to give you (how epic would that be?), this study will equip you with effective weapons for the obstacles that may come into your view. In this B1 Study, we’re going to show you how God’s name can be used like a weapon to find security, confidence and courage when you need it most. 


Child of God 

There are all kinds of “mirrors” and “maps” around us, things that attempt to tell us who we are, where we belong. Social Media. Movies. Songs. Family. Friends. Teachers. Career Paths. We desire answers about our identity and belonging, so we hold up some of these “mirrors” and “maps,” asking questions like: Who am I? Where do I belong? But who or what can we trust? Do we decide all on our own? Even our own hearts can deceive us. (Jeremiah 17:9) Who then will tell us the Truth? In this study, we’re turning to God’s Word to find ANSWERS ABOUT OUR IDENTITY AND BELONGING.


Jesus = Friend 

Friendship, community, and belonging. These are things we all crave. Especially when we feel lonely, angry, or disappointed. Companionship gives us the reassurance that we aren’t alone. In tough times, it offers us a shoulder to lean on, or sometimes even to stand on. In this study, we will look at what it means to have a friend in Jesus, our role in the friendship, His compassion for us when earthly friendships let us down, and how friendship with Him helps us to grow in deeper friendship with others.



Hey God

Life can be complicated; prayer doesn’t have to be. It’s often the complication of it that can make us shy away from it. The purpose of this study is to take the intimidation out of prayer and invite you into a more vibrant prayer life. In this study, we will look at how Jesus taught his disciples to pray, along with several other verses and sections of Scripture. As we work our way through, we’ll touch on the five aspects of prayer: Adoration, Thanksgiving, Petition, Intercession, & Confession.


Lay It Down

Even if we know that something in our life needs to go, it can be hard to release it. How do we gain the strength to let go and make needed changes in our lives? In this study, we walk through what it looks like to finally lay down the things in our lives that need to go and pick up what God has for us in its place. Some of the things we might need to lay down could be - something physical like our phones, or something less concrete like an attitude, relationship, circumstance, mindset, or behavior.


You Can Rest

Have you ever experienced that feeling of being on an amusement park ride when after one too many spins, you were ready to get off? Similarly, the fast-paced current of our culture can leave our soul longing for a slowdown. In a world that refuses to stop, how do we find rest? In Matthew 11:28, Jesus says, "Come to me all who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest." The merry-go-round of life doesn't just spin us dizzy; it can also pile weight on top of us that wears us out and weighs us down. Going to Jesus is like finding shelter amid a storM. He is our escape into peace, relief, and calm. He takes the weight of our burdens and gives us rest for our souls in exchange.


Made 2B Mentored

We are living in unprecedented times. We need wisdom to help us navigate the unfamiliar terrain with courage. God's design for community has always been intergenerational. The idea of spiritual mothers and daughters is His. In some ways, younger generations today feel abandoned, and older generations feel disregarded. It's time to break down the walls and bridge the generational divide. What we need is each other.

Older generations offer us wisdom and knowledge that comes from lived experience. Younger generations offer us their zeal and untattered hope. Throughout the Bible, we see God do earth-shaking things through intergenerational relationships. In this study, we focus on one of those relationships found in the book of Ruth.


Fix Your Thoughts

Imagine being held captive as a prisoner. Scary thought, right? Not something we want to think about too long! Did you know your thoughts have the power strong enough to hold you prisoner? They can literally take you captive in your own mind. But there’s good news. We don’t have to stay stuck. We’ve been given a way to break out! We start by being aware of the things we’re thinking and putting into practice the strategies God outlines in His Word. By the end of this study, we’re going to know how to set our minds free and make our thoughts the captives instead of us.  


Better World

Better Word, Redeeming the Broken Ground, is a 10-week study on the book of Hebrews. Whether it's hurt from the past, pain in the present, or questions about the future, brokenness doesn’t get the final say in our stories. Jesus writes a better ending. He redeems the broken ground and gives us confident hope for our future. This study takes us on a journey to discover the ‘better word” Jesus is speaking over our lives and the lives of others.


The God Who Sees

The God Who Sees is an 8-week study on discovering the places we are fully known by God. Life comes at us hard sometimes, leading us to wonder if God sees our pain. This study takes a look at people in the Bible that God saw - in their struggle, in their loss, in their empty arms and even in their wandering. We hope you take this journey to discover how God also sees you. He hasn't left you or abandoned you. He's right there in the middle of it with you. 

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